Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Style is Impetous

Mike Tyson has recently released a line of clothing that is sure to grab your attention.

The former heavyweight champion of the world and recent star of The Hangover and The Hangover II has always had an eye for fashion that dates back to his days as a teenage boxing contender in the early 80s.

Many of the the shirts are themed around the infamous tattoo that has adorned Tyson's face since 2003. Affordable and comfortable the shirts have a printed tag that declares "Style is Impetuous" and in this case it really is.
A view from the front with some boxing magazines tossed in for added color and emphasis.

Suitable for the gym, a night out on the town or casual times the shirts are true to size, soft and comfortable.

I wore mine to the gym one day and a couple of different fellows showed some interest in it. They knew they had seen the symbol before but were not quite sure where. When I pointed out it was the tattoo from Mike Tyson's face, they said, "That is so cool! Where did you get that?"

This is obviously the view of the back of the shirt. The little symbol is a nice added touch.

Tyson has fans throughout the world because of his boxing career, exciting in the ring style as well as his life story and for more recently being a part of one of the largest grossing movie franchises of all times. If you wanna' be like Mike, buy something from the Mike Tyson collection. You'll be happy you did.

May 2012

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