Friday, December 4, 2009

Salita's Manager is Predicting a KO Over Khan

Israel Liberow and Dmitriy Salita are hoping tomorrow night is a successful one against Amir Khan.

Dmitriy Salita is a significant underdog ahead of his challenge this weekend against WBA 140-pound titlist Amir Khan.

But there is one man that is betting that Salita has a great chance to upset the odds. Salita's manager, Israel Liberow, is predicting a knockout victory for his fighter.

“Dmitriy is mentally prepared for anything that might happen against Khan,” said Liberow earlier this week. “He's ready to adjust to anything in the fight and the fight might end up going that way – he may need to adjust. But he's ready for anything and he's very confident that he can counter whatever Amir Khan does.”

Salita, 27, fights out of Brooklyn, New York and has been a professional for over eight years. He turned pro when Khan was just 14-years-old and he is undefeated in 31 pro bouts with one draw. Some believe that Salita's edge in experience will prove the difference in the fight and Liberow is of that thinking as well.

“What I think will happen is that Khan will come out very fast and try to rush Dmitriy,” said Liberow. “But what that will do for Dmitriy is it will give him an opportunity to get Khan early and knock him out.”

Salita is putting everything into this title-shot that will take place in Khan's backyard of Newcastle, England. He prepared in virtual seclusion in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania before moving his training to the North Road Gym and former IBF cruiserweight champion Glenn McCrory's gym, both in Newcastle. Salita and his team made the trip to England over a week before the fight to adjust to the time change from New York.

In addition to believing that Salita will catch Khan early in the fight, Liberow expressed doubt about Khan's ability to take a punch. Khan was starched in the first round last year by Breidis Prescott and although he rebounded nicely against Marco Antonio Barrera and Andreas Kotelnik, Liberow feels that Khan may still be vulnerable in the chin department.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” Liberow said. “My feeling is that fighters don't always come back from those type of knockouts that quickly. Khan might be a little weak in that area, but the whole thing is that Dmitriy has to find his chin and get to his weaknesses. It's up to Dmitriy to be ready and to get his respect from the opening bell.”

Salita, ranked #1 by the WBA, is not a big puncher as he has only 16 knockouts in 30 career wins. His opposition over the years has been sub-par, but he has slick boxing skills and a capable defense.

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