Sunday, December 27, 2009

Margarito Itching to Get Back

Margarito is going to plead his case with the California State Athletic Commission in hopes of having his boxing license reinstated.

Disgraced former welterweight king Antonio Margarito’s hearing before the California State Athletic Commission is only weeks away and a decision could be made on his ring future within the next 45 days.

Margarito’s license was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission for doctored hand wraps that he intended to use in his fight against Shane Mosley last January in Los Angeles. The wraps, along with plastic inserts, were discovered by Mosley’s trainer just before the fight was to begin. Later tests confirmed the presence of a plaster of Paris-like substance on the wraps that would have caused them to harden.

Next month, Margarito will be able to plead that he should have his boxing license reinstated by the California State Athletic Commission. Backing Margarito will be promoter Bob Arum as well as legal representation that may include legal heavyweight, Daniel Petrocelli. It was Petrocelli who tried the successful civil case against O.J. Simpson that resulted in a $33-million judgment against Simpson for the killing of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman.

I spoke with Arum in Las Vegas last month and he confirmed that there will be a big push early in the New Year to have Margarito’s license reinstated.

“I am hopeful Margarito will get his license back when we meet,” said Arum. “We’ll bring him back slowly, possibly in Mexico, but that’s all up in the air. But obviously the plan will be to get him a fight here in the U.S.”

Shane Mosley upset Margarito and stopped him in the 9th round last January in Los Angeles.

Margarito’s license revocation does not officially end until early February. The next step is to have his revocation hearing added to the agenda for a meeting before the members of the California State Athletic Commission. At that meeting, arguments will be presented by Margarito’s counsel in support of his reinstatement.

“My feeling, my hope, is that we will be successful in our attempts to get his license back,” said Arum.

Margarito was in attendance last month at the Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight. The ‘Tijuana Tornado’ appeared to be in decent physical condition and he was in good spirits at the grand opening festivities of the Fight Museum Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. His manager, Francisco Espinosa, mentioned that Margarito has been trying to stay in shape for his eventual return.

It is unlikely that Margarito’s trainer, Javier Capetillo, who was also suspended for his part in the hand wraps scandal, will ever be reinstated by the CSAC. As a result, there is some doubt as to whether he will train Margarito when he makes his return. Capetillo’s involvement with Margarito may become a situation where he does all of the work with Margarito in the gym prior to a fight, but then does not work his corner.

To improve Margarito’s chances for reinstatement, the plan for when he goes before the CSAC during his hearing is to keep any discussion of Capetillo to a minimum and to focus solely on Margarito’s case.

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