Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack Mosley Still Beside Shane

Jack and Shane Mosley were once a formidable team in the ring. Now the father gives advice and opinion from a different perspective.

Jack Mosley may no longer train his son Shane, but he is still solidly in his corner when it comes to all fistic matters. The elder Mosley is still a bit peeved that Shane was unable to secure a rematch with Miguel Cotto and that Manny Pacquiao also sidestepped his overtures.

When asked for his thoughts on the upcoming Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight that will take place on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas, one could detect some bitterness in Papa Jack's response.

“I'll tell you something about that fight, I don't know which fighter is going to win, but the winner in the end will be Bob Arum,” Jack said. “It's hard to say who wins, but because Arum promotes both guys he'll be the biggest winner, you know what I mean?”

Mosley has some unique insights into the fight game as he acted as both Shane's manager and trainer and coached him through the amateur and pro game. He is quite well aware of how the business of boxing is conducted at the highest level so his perspective on Arum making the most money may not be far off base. He agrees with most observers on how the fight may go.

“It will be a good fight,” said Jack. “Cotto is stronger but he's not as fast and he doesn't throw as many punches as Pacquiao does. Cotto should be strong enough to derail some of what Pacquiao does, but you never know, you never know.”

Jack claims that whatever happens on Nov. 14, none of the top welterweights in the world would stand much of a chance at all with Shane.

“Shane is not afraid to fight anybody at anytime,” said Jack. “He has proved that time and time again. He will fight anybody. I think he beats Cotto and I don't think that Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao will ever fight him because they know that, too. Shane called Floyd Mayweather out right to his face – in front of the whole world – and the guy still won't fight him. So what does that tell you? What does that tell you? I mean, everybody saw it.”

Jack claims that what separates Shane from Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is that he is not afraid to take chances and fight other fighters that have a chance of beating him. He brought up names like Vernon Forrest, Winky Wright, Fernando Vargas and Oscar De La Hoya.

“Those were all fighters that Shane didn't have to fight, but he did. That just shows you what kind of fighter he is and what kind of champion he is.”

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