Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arreola's Trainer Reveals Plan for Vitali Klitschko

WBC heavyweight titlist Vitali Klitschko and top contender Chris Arreola posed for the cameras last week in Los Angeles.

Trainer Henry Ramirez hints that the strategy for his man, heavyweight contender Chris Arreola, will be to run straight at Vitali Klitschko and make the WBC belt-holder fight from the sound of the first bell. The two will meet in the ring at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sept. 26th.

“When the first bell rings, Chris is going to come out with guns ablaze and he's going to take the fight straight to Klitschko,” said an eager Ramirez, who is very much looking forward to having his man challenge for a heavyweight title belt.

Most industry observers are of the opinion the fight will end in a knockout – for either man – as Klitschko has a record of 37-2, 36 KOs while Arreola has similar big punch credentials with a ledger of 27-0, 24 KOs.

“I'm real excited about this,” said Ramirez. “A lot of people don't think we can do this and a lot of people doubt us, but I think Chris is going to make history.”

Ramirez has been with Arreola since he turned pro six years ago and he's happy that his man is finally getting his chance for a grab at the heavyweight brass ring.

“Chris is going to put on an exciting performance and he's going to come out there and go for it. He wants to put on an exciting fight and he doesn't want to get into a jabbing contest with Klitschko,” said Ramirez. “I'll say that whether he wins or loses that Chris is going to put on an entertaining and exciting fight.”

Ramirez, who likes to use the term, “guns blazing” thinks that the fight will likely come down to who fires the biggest and hardest shots and which man is able to impose his strategy.

In April, Arreola took the fight to perennial contender Jameel McCline and stopped him in four rounds.

“When have you ever seen Chris stand outside?” asks Ramirez. The game plan against Klitschko then will be to get inside and go to work. “I'd like to see Chris use his jab, come inside and close the distance. He's got to close the gap, because if he stands outside he'll be taking the brunt force of everything. He's got to close the distance on this guy.”

The 38-year-old Klitschko, now in the midst of his third stint as a heavyweight titlist, is a heavy betting favorite to dispatch Arreola who hails from Riverside, California. Most believe that his greater experience, higher quality of opposition and his punching power will be more than enough to send Arreola into the hands of defeat. But Ramirez obviously views Arreola's chances through a different prism.

“Look, people say Chris isn't this, Chris isn't that,” explains Ramirez. “People say he's a West Coast hype job, that he's not dedicated, that he's fat. I've heard it all and to be truthful there is some truth to some of that. But the one thing they can't say is that he isn't exciting. I think because he has flaws is what makes him the fighter he is and what makes his fights so exciting. Chris doesn't know how to fight going backwards and he's not a safety first guy and that's why people get so excited to see him. Whatever happens with Chris in the future, win or lose, he's going to be exciting.”

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